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Micon Mould is 彩易时时彩登陆平台检测二维码 in China. We offer 彩易时时彩登陆平台ios下载 etc. More than many years experience for custom high speed 彩易时时彩登陆平台官网手机, the minimum wall thickness we can make to 0.5mm.

As for the 彩易时时彩登陆平台首页线路, the most important thing is to control the tooling precision. We took three steps to making 彩易时时彩登陆平台ios官网 from rough tooling to half-precison tooling to precision tooling. We have very strictly dimension inspections for each step. We always use high speed milling machine and some other high precision tooling machine to tool it, the dimension tolerance should be controlled within 0.05mm. And there will have many inserts so as to maintain the moulds, need very special air venting in the mould.

Regarding the steel for 彩易时时彩登陆平台官网手机, we use H13 or S136 steel for thin wall mould core and cavity steel. After heating treatment, the thin wall mould steel hardness can reach to HRC 42-48.

Thin wall injection molding needs molding speeds 4-6S, so it requires a very good cooling system and high hardness in order to ensure the short cycle and the mold life. For such molding speeds, we should add water channel as more as possible, strengthen the water circulation. Usually we use chilled water. Besides, we always adapt with BeCu to help the mould cooling, because BeCu has good thermal conductivity.

With good mould steel and precision tooling and good cooling system guaranteed our high speed thin wall bucket mould life to 2 millioln shots.

Thin wall bucket mould